arrow-box.jpgRaising awareness of our Industry

The CAAA are working to increase awareness across the industry; with regulators; safety experts; and customers Member companies are informed of standards and regulatory issues that affect the sector directly. We encourage and support best practice for all users of compressed air.

arrow-box.jpgNetworking opportunities

We encourage CAAA members to attend all meetings throughout the year. We have quarterly general meetings providing a great opportunity to network with industry professionals working in the sector to establish new or consolidate existing relationships. The meetings provide a forum for members to share information; trends; and generic technical information.

arrow-box.jpgIndustry Statistics

As Australasia's only association representing the air compressor sector; we are able to provide valuable industry specific statistics for members. The statistics help members to understand the outcomes of the sector for industrial and commercial suppliers. Statistics are not an end unto themselves but provide an objective view of the overall sector. All members of the CAAA contribute to statistics: annually for commercial suppliers; and quarterly for industrial suppliers.

arrow-box.jpgThe Industry Voice

Connect with companies in the sector to join forces in influencing policy and legislation across all levels of government in Australia and NZ. As a member of the CAAA, your voice will be unified with other members to be heard more clearly and more effectively.

How to Join Us

To become a member of the CAAA - please complete the enquiry form and we will contact you. There are two classes of Membership.
  • Full Member - A business, company or other entity which is the primary importer or manufacturer of goods in the Sector in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Associate Member - A person, business, company or other entity that acts as a Distributor of goods or services for Full Members or is allied with the Sector in Australia and New Zealand.
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