High-Energy Saving & Cost-Effective Refrigerated Air Dryers For Optimal Performance

Members of Compressed Air Association of Australia (CAAA) are premier suppliers of the highest quality, energy-efficient refrigerated air dryers.

These refrigerated air dryers create optimal operating conditions for your air compressor, refrigerated air dryers and offer a reliable, cost-effective and excellent solution to your business. Compressed air causes moisture to occur naturally, often disrupting the industrial operations that need moisture-free air to operate efficiently. To address this challenge, dryers are commonly used to eliminate liquid condensation from the air. A refrigerated air dryer is popular because it is capable of reaching the right dew point required for various industrial plant operations. High-quality refrigerated air dryers will improve your industrial applications.

Choosing The Right Refrigerated Air Dryer

Selecting the right refrigerated air dryer isn’t easy, especially if you’re considering one for the first time. Members of CAAA can help you with professional advice, resources and compliance information to ensure you select the appropriate product for your needs and meet industry expectations and legislation. There are several factors that determine the suitability of refrigerated compressed air dryers. These include:

  • Air pressure
  • Ai volume flow rate
  • Inlet temperature
  • Ambient air temperature
  • Pressure dewpoint
  • Other techniques to eliminate liquid condensate from the compressed air
  • Price and durability of the equipment

Having the correct size and capabilities can help you make the most of your refrigerated air dryer. Seek expert consultation from us to make a wise purchase decision.

Excellent Quality, Great Value for Money

Our members are the leading suppliers of superior quality refrigerated air dryers from top brands such as Caps, Atlas Copco, and Kaeser. These high-end air dryers are built with utmost precision to protect your processes and systems in an energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. Achieve increased productivity, higher performance and minimal operational cost with premium refrigerated dryers on sale at CAAA.

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