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Members of Compressed Air Association of Australia (CAAA) are leading suppliers of a wide variety of screw air compressors from the top brands that define quality, functionality, and longevity. Members offer tailor-made services to suit your unique industrial requirements and budget. The range incorporates 5.5 kW – 280 kW equipment, compressors and belt drives with varying direct-drive and speed drives. To ensure the highest standards of quality, the machines are backed by premium grade spare parts and manufacturer’s warranty. They come as industry-recognised standard models with high-efficiency Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS).

Understanding The Advantages Of Screw Air Compressors

Screw air compressors are widely recognised for effective material handling and are used with cutting edge machine tools, and industrial-grade spray painting. Using screw air compressors is a safe and convenient option as they render constant air when in use. Minimising risk, screw air compressors operate in all types of environments, including high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. The rotary screw compressor is the most effective to run machine tools that generate high power since the airflow rate is significantly higher.

Regardless of its remarkable airflow, screw air compressors run silently and aren’t too big in size, which is great for storage and easy maintenance. Furthermore, the high end screw air compressors are effective energy conservers and consume less oil, ensuring cost savings. They are also manufactured for increased operational lifespan with limited depreciation of capacity or performance.

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Members of CAAA aren’t just top-rated suppliers of high-quality air compressors, but they also provide expert guidance to help you make the right investment and stay compliant. Get valuable resources, guidelines and much more.

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